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“JEFF Died On His Knees While Pleading With His Killers, “A Blogger Muthiora Alleges

“JEFF Died On His Knees While Pleading With His Killers, “A Blogger Muthiora Allegedly Discloses

Simon Muthiora is the first person to come up with the death story of Jeff Mwathi whose death was covered up by the Kisirani Police Station and Jeff’s Justice soon will be served. If justice for Jeff is served then Muthiora will be remembered as a hero

Muthiora has allegedly disclosed that Jeff Mwathi died on his knees pleading with his killed to spare him, Jeff even told them he is a relative to a police officer, hoping they would spare his life. 

“Two months after his killing, ‘no one knows the third Lady X except the DCI’, unless someone wants to set up Mohamed Amin, Fatxo should be behind bars already” Muthiora added

Muthiora also said that he wishes they said it was an accident because SUICIDE is beyond an insult to the family and any upright man. “Dear Jeff, don’t rest yet, please don’t. I am not at peace at all” He added



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