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Revealed: What DJ Brown Skin Wife Sharon Njeri Wrote On Facebook Before Committing Suicide

The late Sharon Njeri Mwangi and her husband DJ Brown Skin. [Source/SN]

Kenyans on Sunday were shocked after a disturbing video of popular DJ Brown Skin recording his wife taking poison in front of their kids emerged.

In the 7 minute video which was shared by blogger Edgar Obare, the wife, identified as Sharon Njeri Mwangi, who allegedly threatened to take poison is seen mixing the poison and be heard telling the kids that she loved them so much.

DJ Brown Skin, whose real name is Michael Macharia, is unbothered and could be heard telling her to ‘Mix and Gather Them’.

After taking the poison, Njeri proceeds to sit on the couch, and he records for a while before asking the house maid to come give her milk after she stared wailing in pain.

“Mpee maziwa unajua amekunywa madawa mingi (Give her milk, you know she had taken a lot of poison),” the DJ is heard telling the maid he refers as ‘auntie’.

According to emerging reports, Njeri died later as she was being to hospital for treatment. She passed on July 29, 2022, at the age of 33.

A background check on her social media platforms reveals Njeri was not fond of displaying her life to the public as she made very few posts.

Her last Facebook post, dated September 22, 2022, was an update of her cover photo in which she shared her photo with their 2 children.

Until her death, Njeri and DJ Brown Skin lived together at Neema Court, Kariobangi South.

Below are other Facebook posts Njeri made before she took her last breath.

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