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Why Dj Brown Skin Recorded his Wife Commit Suicide

A video yesterday suffered online of a famous Dj in Kenya by the name Dj Brown skin record her wife and a mother of two of his sons commit suicide. The famous Dj has said that he did this in protecting himself from facing the law which would say that he had killed her.

Kenyans on twitter have come out saying that the DJ’s are in a cult of which they are doing this a sacrifice to their cult associations. Dj Brown Skin is alleged to be a friend of the famous Dj Fatxo who has a pending case with the directorate of criminal investigations of him and jeff is still on going.

In the video the wife to the Dj is heard saying tell my sons I love them so much, loves. The Dj on another video is seen saying that his wife should be given milk but not using any efforts to help her dearly wife. his sons also come in where her mother, only, for the Dj to tell him, “Pea mum Mawiza.”

Do you think the Dj should be convicted and arrested or do you think he did a good thing recording. This is the result of fake love recording your wife die is such a painful act that the Dj did mercilessly.

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