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Do Guinness World Record Title Holders Get Paid?

Due to the popularity of the Guinness book of records amongst the Nigerian populace, people have been craving to know if the title holders get any monetary benefit from the organisation. Since it’s something most people would like to know, I decided to look it up on the official guinness website.

In this article in line with a publication on Guinness Book of records official website where they highlighted some of the frequently asked questions. While going through some of the frequently asked questions, I discovered that the question of whether the record breakers will be paid is a very important question that was boldly answered in the FAQ section. So, do they get paid after breaking a record or getting into the record books as many assume?

Do Guinness Book Of Record Title Holders Get Paid?

The answer is no. According to the information on the official website of guinness, there is absolutely no economic benefit to title holders. So Hilda Baci and the numerous individuals that have successfully carved their names in the record books won’t get any economic benefit apart from the recognition and prestige that comes with being on such a popular and widely accepted world record.

In as much as the participants don’t get paid directly, they gain from the attention and fame that comes with securing a record on the prestigious platform. So Hilda Baci and the other individuals have secured some titles in the Guinness world records may not receive cash gifts directly but their names will be known everywhere in the world and their respective countries may reward them for making it into such a prestigious platform like the Guinness book of records.

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