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9-year-old boy impregnates his 9-year-old cousin (Video)

According to reports, a 9 year old boy has allegedly impregnated his 9 year old cousin. This information has been confirmed by

It’s alleged The 9 year old pregnant and his 9 year old cousin shared a room, their parents didn’t expect the two minors to engage in any sexually activities

The news came as a shock to both parents of the two minors. The story has since spark outrage in many social media platforms.

Many social media users are blaming the parents

A boy and girl child shouldn’t share a room

Many people though this story was fake but unfortunately it’s true. One social media user stated “there’s no way a 9-year-old boy can impregnate a woman”

There’s no way a 9 year old can get pregnant because she can’t ovulate at such a young age.

There’s still an ongoing investigation

Watch the video below to know more…

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