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“Our Payslips Are Already In ICU” Teachers Tell President William Ruto, Demands Increase of Salary

A section of teachers aligned to the KUPPET teachers’ , have castigated president William Ruto’s plan to increase deductions from civil servants’ salaries. The teachers have noted that they currently facing financial crisis and that the proposed increase of salary deductions will negatively affect their financial status.

Instead, the teachers have urged president Ruto’s government to first increase their salaries before imposing the new salary deductions law on them. The tough talking teachers noted that they will join other Kenyans to oppose the financial bill that seeks to introduce the new taxes and the housing levy.

“Our payslips are in ICU, tutafutie kapesa kwanza alafu ukate ile kidogo tuko nayo.” One of the teachers from the KUPPET leadership noted.

Meanwhile, the teachers’ cry to government comes at a time that Kenyans from different parts of the country are expressing mixed reactions towards the Kenya Kwanza government’s first financial bill. A section of Kenyans have been poking holes the bill’s proposal to introduce new taxations and deductions of funds from salaries of employed Kenyans.

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