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Panyako Leaks Message Ruto Gave Him Via Phonecall Sending Him Away From UDA Office

Political temperatures are gradually getting worse in the country as the opposition party seems to be getting stronger. President Ruto who many people trusted and hoped he will change the country is now being dragged into many problems. This comes after what Seth Panyako said on media claiming that he was impolitely sent out of Kenya Kwanza. He said that Ruto called him and asked him to leave since he was disagreeing with his house planning.

“I received a phone call from Ruto who told me to leave his party and I obliged,” said Panyako.

He said that he had no otherwise but respect the orders of his boss. However, he couldn’t keep quite as he went ahead exposing what exactly made them disagree saying this;

“The president demanded that I get out of his party for disagreeing with him on the housing levy. As a leader, I cannot keep quiet when the ship is sinking,” Panyako added.

He revealed this despite Malala claiming that Panyako was not a leader in Kenya Kwanza as claimed in public.

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