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Deploy networks to tackle Nigeria’s challenges, Bajowa, Abdulsalam tell Tinubu

A retired General in the Nigerian Army, Olu Bajowa, has urged President Bola Tinubu to utilise his network of contacts, both locally and internationally, to tackle the complex challenges facing the nation.

In a congratulatory message, yesterday, Bajowa expressed confidence that Tinubu’s new administration would inspire the people and ensure the nation’s socio-economic progress.

He also advised the President to employ his skills, intellect, and bravery to guide the country and restore its position as a leader in Africa and the world in terms of infrastructure development and systemic reform.

“Nigerians across all strata of society have yearned for the emergence of a very strong political persona who truly understands how to navigate the complexities of our country and who also possesses the requisite experience, competence, capacity, sagacity, intelligence, courage and commitment with which you are endowed,” he said.

Similarly, the member representing South-West on the Board of Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), Taofik Abdulsalam, who also congratulated Tinubu, said Nigerians were eagerly waiting to see the country work again.

“Your election comes at a time of crisis for the Nigerian union. A main objective of all the Nigerian actors is to regain the trust and interest of the citizens of our beloved nation in terms of projects and work,” he said.

“The Nigerian Parliament, as the board member, Code of Conduct Bureau representing South-West Region, promises to work with loyalty and honesty with your administration and play a good and major role for the betterment of our dear nation.”

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