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Doctor loses job over prescribing ice cream and video games to ill child

A medical worker of any kind is expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism due to the serious nature of jobs in this sector.

But, when doctors are engaging or examining minors, they may crack jokes to make them feel at ease and even offer them sweets at the end of the consultation.

However, a Brazilian mother who took her son to see a doctor did not find humour in the medical officer supposedly prescribing, among other things, video games and ice cream to the boy.

Talking to ‘’Banda B’’, Priscila da Silva Ramos said the doctor had made a mockery out of her ill child at the UPA Jardim Conceição, in São Paulo.

‘’My son was very sick, he vomited, so I took him to seek help from a professional. The doctor answered, he did not even take five minutes in the room. He asked if I had looked at the boy’s throat. I said no, that he was the doctor and the one who had to be looking at the boy’s throat,’’ Da Silva Ramos was quoted as saying.

He allegedly began writing the prescription without first inspecting the youngster, looking at his throat, evaluating his chest or doing anything else.

Then the doctor supposedly asked the youngster if he loved ice cream, to which he replied, ‘’Yes.’’ He was asked if he wanted chocolate or strawberry, and he chose chocolate.

‘’But until then I did not imagine that he would prescribe the ice cream and even video games,’’ Da Silva Ramos told the media outlet.

This prescription reportedly included these medications: amoxicillin, ibuprofen, dipyrone, prednisone, and acetylcysteine, as well as twice-daily chocolate ice cream and Free Fire (a mobile game).

The boy’s aunt agreed to get the medication the next day and was astonished by the doctor’s advise. She was so shocked that she decided to post it on Facebook.

According to the City Hall of Osasco, the OS (Social Organisation) in charge of the UPAs claimed that it had fired the doctor from its service provider system.

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