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Here Is What The Bible Says About Tattoos

Many Christians question what the Bible says about getting a tattoo as they become more and more prevalent. As far as we can gather, tattoos are not even mentioned in the Bible.Christians debate whether getting a tattoo their beliefs and, if not, whether they should get one. In my opinion, having a tattoo is a sin, hence Christians and other believers should refrain from doing so.

Christians have long viewed tattoos as wicked and condemned them, but attitudes are starting to shift. Some actions that were once viewed as wicked are now acceptable by society.We will use Leviticus 19:28 as biblical support for our stance against tattoos, which states, “You must not make any incisions on your body for the dead, nor should you tattoo any marks on your body: I am the Lord.”

Corinthians chapter 12 Therefore, brothers, I beg you, through the mercy of God, to present your bodies as holy living sacrifices that are acceptable to God as your form of spiritual worship.

Christians should refrain from getting tattoos since the Bible forbids them.


Why Does the Bible Forbid Tattoos?

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