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Reactions As New Abia Gov Is Seen Packing Refuse After Arriving A Dump Site In The State

Alex Otti, the newly elected governor of Abia state, was caught on camera using a shovel to pile trash at a waste dump in the Aba region of the state. According to the newspaper, the villagers called the governor asking for assistance, and the governor immediately rushed to the area.

In the widely shared video, he can be seen traveling to the site with his representatives.

He showed up with a shovel and tried to clear away some of the debris.

“He has come out under this rain based on the directive we gave him the day before yesterday regarding an emergency on the clean up of Aba,” the guy who caught the film claimed.

These stills were extracted from the video.

It was at this moment that he showed up to the scene.

There, he addressed them.

A picture of him putting trash in a bag

To watch the video, please click here.

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