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Sonko Silences MCA Alai After he Takes his Gold, Diamond Rings for Testing by Two Different Jewelers

On Wednesday, kilelewshwa ward Member of County Assembly Robert Alai claimed that Mike Sonko’s gold chains and rings are fake.

This was after Mike Sonko showed his offices in Nairobi which is purely furnished with golden furniture.

After MCA Robert Alai’s claim, Mike Sonko went ahead to prove to him that indeed he only wears genuine gold and not fake like claimed.

He went to an expert who he is seen with testing whether his jewellery is indeed legitimate or it is fake.


“This is gold. You and I know very well.”the expert is heard telling Mike Sonko after testing his golden chain

He also goes ahead to confirm that another chain and ring were indeed pure diamond after taking them through the same testing.

Mike Sonko proved MCA Robert Alai wrong and told him not to try him saying that he has got class that he will never get to.

“Lakini sometimes it’s good to prove some haters like a certain MCA and his Envious Battalion wrong when they insist on involving themselves in matters they have no clue or knowledge about.”Mike Sonko noted in his Twitter message.

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