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“Why Maina Njenga Is A Threat To Ruto And Gachagua” Herman Manyora Explains

The university of Nairobi lecturer professor Herman Manyora again he has revealed the reason why Ex-Mungiki leader Maina Njenga is a threat to Ruto and Gachagua. According to Manyora is that Maina Njenga has a huge following not only in mount Kenya region but across the country. Below is a YouTube link video with full evidence.

Manyora also,said that when Maina Njenga joined Azimio side he has brought large numbers of people from mount Kenya region and this has caused panic to Kenya Kwanza leaders. This shows that Maina Njenga has already divided votes from mount Kenya where this two leaders enjoy huge support and thus they fear that his popularity my rise high even before 2027.

Lastly Manyora said that one thing about Maina Njenga is that he can easily mobilize a crowd to demonstrate and especially this period when cost of living is high. To Manyora is that appearance of Maina Njenga is a boost to Azimio side and panic to Kenya Kwanza camp.

Do you agree or disagree with Herman Manyora words about Maina Njenga?.

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