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Mama Lucy Hospital On Spot As Mum Carrying Twins Dies After 8hrs Of Pain And Doctors Negligence

Several hospitals in Kenya have always been on the limelight being called out for poor services that have occasionally resulted to death of patients. Apparently, today we’re focusing on Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital that has been called out for the death of Maureen, a first time mum who died due to doctors negligence. According to report, Maureen was brought in by her husband but within two hours, nobody had attended to her leading to extreme pain for a lady who was already in pain while arriving. The husband’s effort to get the doctors to help her bore no fruits and hours later, Maureen was bleeding for two hours straight.

When doctors saw that, they transferred her to Kiambu level 5 hospital where the ambulance unnecessarily took two hours to arrive. While in the ambulance, Maureen was supposed to be on oxygen but the nurses subjected her to normal air claiming that they lacked a wrench to open the oxygen cylinder. Maureen died at Kiambu level 5 hospital after 8 hours of pain and doctors negligence at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital. Source, Nation media.

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