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Meet Former KTN Journalist Who was Sacked After Announcing Resignation of Kibaki from KANU in 1991

Rose Lukalo Owino is her name. Her father attended Mang’u High School with the late Mwai Kibaki. She graduated from Punjab University in India with a bachelor of science, and she also has a bachelor’s degree in convergence and media from the University of Missouri, Columbia. She is an accomplished journalist, documentary filmmaker, development communications expert, and columnist.

She participated in the National Constitutional Convention as a delegate, representing media organizations and fighting for media freedom when the 2019 constitution was ratified. She currently holds the positions of principal copy editor at Pesacheck and managing trustee of the Media Policy Research Center.

Rose remembered how she lost her editor-in-chief position at KTN in 1991 in an interview with KBC. KTN was Kenya’s only television station at the time. Journalism was strictly regulated at the time, and you had to be careful with the information you provided to the public since the then-ruling KANU party was so stringent. Rose declared on television in the early morning hours that Mwai Kibaki had left KANU and started his own party, the Democratic party.Even if it were true, the government perceived this to be a message against the ruling party because it was the day’s top news story.

Rose claimed that precisely at 1:15 p.m., three hours after making her announcement, the chairman of the television station called and dismissed her. After leaving with her belongings packed, she got a call from Kibaki asking if she was alright. She did not ask for anything else. Even after losing her job, she kept it a secret

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