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Raila’s Ally Makau Mutua Under Fire on Twitter After Defending Homosexuality

The former spokesperson of Raila Odinga’s 2022 presidential campaign and head of the Azimio think tank Professor Makau Mutua has found himself on the receiving end of Twitter users after taking on those who have been castigating homosexuality head-on.

This was after the former American-based lawyer criticized those who have been opposing homosexuality (Homophobes) terming them as a confused lot.

While recalling the recent anti-gay law passed in Uganda, Mutua said homophobes attack homosexuality because, they say, it’s un-African and against African culture.

He went ahead to take on African Christians and Muslims over the authors of Bibles and Qurans. According to Mutua, it is ironic for African religious leaders to condemn homosexuality terming it a Western culture whereas it is the same Western people that introduced Bibles and Qurans to Africans

“They say it’s against the Bible and the Quran. Are the Bible and the Quran African texts? Are Christianity and Islam African religions? Wasn’t Christianity not imposed on Africans by white European colonialists/imperialists/enslavers and Islam by Arab invaders/enslavers? ” he posed

“These same homophobes, who are so African, don’t bear African names but call themselves Peter, Mercy, David, Abdul, Fatima, etc. For the record, the pre-colonial Kabaka of the Baganda was gay. Let’s be real” he added

However, irate Kenyans on Twitter castigated the Azimio allied lawyer, wondering why he was hell-bent on advocating for a practice that is against African culture. Others accused him of allegedly being misused by western forces to spread the idea.

“Where do you even get the confidence to mention Homosexuality, the Bible & the Quran in the same sentence? You’re a disgrace to the Kamba community” asked one follower

“I once said this guy is not normal they can do each other we don’t mind but they can’t force it on us we know this can be entry point for you since you love Americans Fanya hivi be loyal kabisa tafuta jamaa siet” added another

Here are some more reactions;

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