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Rare Photos Of Vera Sidika Before Alleged Ksh 15 Million Plastic Surgery

More than ten years have passed since Vera Sidika initially became well-known in Kenyan entertainment. It’s unclear what her life was like before she rose to fame.

Vera’s parents, who had emigrated from Western Kenya, gave birth to her on September 30, 1989, at the Agha Khan Hospital in Mombasa.

Mombasa, a coastal city, was where she spent the majority of her youth because it was where her parents both resided and worked.

Vera attended schools in the coastal area where she was born and reared throughout the duration of her elementary and senior years.

Vera began competing in local beauty contests and fashion events when she was 17 years old, which helped launch her career.

She worked as an actor as well, honing her dramatic abilities.

In order to attend Kenyatta University (KU) and pursue a degree in art and design, Vera relocated from Mombasa to Nairobi in 2009.

She made a significant splash into the public eye as a video vixen while a student at KU.

She received her big break and shot to fame when she starred in P-single Unit’s “You Guy” in 2012.

Vera rose to the top of lists of Kenya’s most in-demand video vixens in 2014 after she joined the P Unit in Prezzo’s track “My Gal.”

Vera had amassed millions of dollars by 2014, which she used to pay for her opulent lifestyle and cosmetic surgery.

The socialite stated that she spent a lot of money on the pricy Ksh15 million operation to completely bleach her entire body, from head to toe.

In an interview with a local TV station on June 6, 2014, the socialite acknowledged that she had bleached her entire body since “looking nice was what made her money.”

Look at her photos before she gained money and fame:


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