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Technical University of Mombasa, A Hidden Gem You Should Know.

Technical University of Mombasa is school based in the area formerly known as the Coast province .It is found in heart of Mombasa city in a place as Tudor .This is just a few minutes from Moi avenue in the Central Business District.This means one can easily find his way to the institution as long as he or she is within town

It was first started as Moslem school mainly for the children of the Islam community living in the area.That however, was in the early 1900s before it evolved to a technical school for teaching African kids on matters involving engineering. It was set up as the first institution in the entire East African region to teach marine engineering to the local children.

Later , when Kenya achieved self-rule in the year 1963 , it became on of the few schools that were transformed into National Polytechnics.This came into being by the orders of the then sitting head of state Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

Based on the institution’s old status , it means that the the architectural designs of the buildings are breathtaking .The Portuguese and Arabic styles are a site to behold. Everything , from the white washed walls to the old huge mango trees and also not forgetting the wild monkeys roaming freely alongside the students.The dome-shaped walkways are for sure magnificent.

If there something that stands out is that , the institution was set up in a manner that it faces that the ever salty Indian Ocean.The cold breeze from the ocean is something a comrade for sure would not mind in the midst of boring lectures and sadistic lecturers.Technical University of Mombasa , main campus premises is interestingly regarded as a heritage site and is under the Museums of Kenya.

With all this titbits , who will deny the fact the University is a pure gem conducive for not only learning but also for exploration.

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