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Dineo Ranaka checks herself out of mental health institution three days in. Find out how it happened

Dineo Ranaka, is a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and one of the controversial celebrities in South Africa. She presents herself as strong willed, independant, successfuul and best in what she does as an entertainer. Little do her followers and fans know what goes into her mind every night whe she goes to sleep. Is it not that a shame, that one presents a bold and strong front, when all is falling apart behind closed doors?

Dineo is no stranger to mental issue conversations and talks about depression. Just the previous weeks, she has talked about it a lot. Hardly two weeks, she was on her social media platform confessing to having thoughts of committing suicide. She wrote, I’m trying my best not to commit suicide”. The pressures of life brought those thought into her head and now she believes the voices in her head. In her Instagram post she wrote, “My mind is so loud of this late, life is hard and I am trying my best but my best seems to be not enough,”

After well wishes from celebrities, friends and family, she fought her way to a mental institution and checked herself in. That was commendable of her and everyone proud she took a step towards getting help and healing. Her family were grateful for the support. The source said, “She appreciated all the messages she had received from everyone. She hasn’t been able to respond to everyone, but she is fighting. She will be okay. Dineo is a fighter, everybody knows that”

Her sister Manaka Ranaka, also a television personality and actress took to Instagram and shared a post, see below picture:-

Three days in, she fought her way out of the mental institution. The radio personality was involved in a ‘heated exchange’ of words with one of the health workers there and allegedly checked herself out of the mental institution. It is said that Ms Ranaka was advised against it but she is said to have gone home to recover despite of advice given.

She allegedly believed the health worker, who was on his phone doing whatever, was taking videos of her and took it way too far by accusing him.

According to a source at the hospital, Dineo approached the health worker and a heated confrontation errupted which the health worker responded by saying she must not take out her frustrations on him.

The Sunday World reported,

Seemingly, there is a problem and Dineo Ranaka and her family need to handle it before all breaks loose.

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‘I am trying my best not to commit suicide’ – Dineo Ranaka

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