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All Friday 9th Newspaper Headlines Review:Standard Daily Nation, Star, Taifa Leo, Business Daily.

Daily Nation: Raila’s ten demands for Ruto.

The former prime minister Raila Odinga has offered president William Ruto a ten point economic blue print he says is a better alternate to the high taxes proposed by the government in the controversial finance bill 2023.

The azimio la umoja one Kenya alliance party leader wants the government to stop duplicating county roles and responsibilities and curb wastage in the executive.

Additionally, the opposition chief wants the Kenya kwanza administration to seal corruption loopholes as he maintains that subsidies on basic goods must be reinstated and the Proposal to increase taxes on basic goods and salaries be withdrawn from the bill.

The opposition has further Warned of a return to anti-government street protests should the bill sail through in Parliament.

In another story making headlines, a former statehouse official has been embroiled in a KSH 413 million child support fight.

A woman has filed a child maintainance case against the said ex-statehouse top official accusing him of abdicating his role in raising the three children the two sired together.

The lady now demands a one off payment of KSH 413 million to cater for the children’s education, food, clothing and other basic necessities in leu of KSH 2.7 million upkeep per month.

Business daily: the rich get richer as the gap with the poor widens.

The gap between Kenya’s wealthy and the hoi polloi continued to widen amidst high returns on investment for the rich After the end of the COVID-19 Period.

According to statistics by the Kenya bureau of statistics (KBS), the gap between the rich and the poor was low during the COVID-19 era because the low earners reaped from the benefits that were later on removed after the pandemic while the high earners suffered Loses due to lockdowns.

In another story, the middle East’s largest economy saudi Arabia has overtaken china as Kenya’s leading import market.

The development is as a result of east Africa’s largest economy’s reliance on petroleum products from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On the standard, schools countrywide have received the much awaited KSH 24 billion capitation money from the ministry of education.

However, the money is coming at a time when the cost of basic commodities has skyrocketed reducing the purchasing power.

In another story, the deputy governor for Siaya county William Oduol has been impeached by the members of the county assembly for gross misconduct.

The DG who has been at loggerheads with his boss governor James Orengo has been accusing the executive of corruption.

The kenya revenue authority is set to hire additional staff after being Allocated KSH 1.2 Billion to help in tracking down tax cheats in a bid to boost revenue collection.

Unemployed teachers, youths that wish to join police Force and farmers are some of the greatest beneficiaries in this year’s Budget which is the first one for Kenya kwanza administration.

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