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“Allow less of social media nonsense control you”- BBNaija’s Pere sends warning note to colleagues and BBN fans

Pere Egbi has taken a strong stance against the behaviour of some show fans and “shippers.” Egbi shared his concern in a series of impassioned tweets about how fans’ actions and storylines may sometimes create more harm than good.

Egbi emphasised the importance of fans refraining from propagating numerous narratives about their favourite performers, pointing out that they are frequently based on ignorance and can be harmful.

He emphasised the significance of fans understanding the boundaries of their involvement in the lives of reality stars.

Egbi advised his fellow Big Brother Niger stars to be less gullible and more self-aware in a direct approach.

He emphasised that reality stars should not let followers’ opinions to overpower their real-life decisions and relationships.

This advice is especially pertinent in an age when social media frequently blurs the distinction between public and private personas.

Egbi’s statements also contained a severe message for his coworkers. He urged them to have the fortitude to stay firm in their convictions and not let’social media crap’ rule them.

He warned that he was only getting started and that he was willing to face some of them more directly, implying a deeper level of involvement in these matters.

Egbi specifically targeted’shippers,’ acknowledging that while their activities may be motivated by admiration, there is a narrow line that should not be crossed.

He warned against delusion and advised people to keep their support grounded in truth.

Egbi also addressed the unpleasant aspects of fandom, such as trolls and haters. He called these people ‘foolish,’ claiming that their abusive comments reflect more on their character than on the roommates they attack. This aspect of his message emphasises the frequently toxic nature of online discourse.


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