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Happy Husband, Wife Bathe in Powder, Shows Off Dance Moves in Hospital as They Celebrate Arrival of New Baby

A Nigerian husband and his wife were seen in a recently uploaded TikTok video, showing off their dance skills to celebrate the arrival of their new baby in a Nigerian hospital.

The video was captioned: “The latest father and mother in town, congratulations, sir.”

In the video, which has attracted attention, the husband, clearly excited, showed off his dance moves in the hospital, while his wife, not physically strong, tried her best but looked very happy and moved.

Additionally, the nurses in the hospital, celebrating the good news, were seen with packs of drinks and other goodies.

Many individuals have taken to the comment section of the post to congratulate the new father and mother.

See some reactions below:

Onamercy: “‎A big congratulations to you both more Grace and blessing,s in your home.”

eseoheidialu: “‎Congratulations to you both in Jesus almighty name amen.”

jprettydorz4: “‎congratulations i tap from this blessing.”

Chery: “‎Congratulations I tap from your blessings.”

user9523858781318: “‎congratulations I tap from ur blessings.”

Pretty_chiami_: “‎congratulations i tap into your blessing.”


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