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“Hon Uti, is this a sign??”” — Reactions as Uti Nwachukwu warns women to stop bullying gay men who have confessed

Uti Nwachukwu, a reality celebrity and TV broadcaster, has encouraged women to quit abusing homosexual males who have revealed their sexuality.

The actor said this in response to an internet user’s plea for more males to come out of the closet and stop duping innocent ladies in marriage.

Uti Nwachukwu disagreed, arguing that the more women who bully males who have come out, the more men will marry women to cover up.

In his words;

“and more women need to stop bullying the ones who have come out the closet!
The more shame u give to men the more they will marry women to cover up. Choice is yours”

However many Netizens do not agree with his views, claiming that a gay man should not have to get married to an innocent woman to cover up his sexuality.

Here are some reactions to Uti’s comment below:

desmony1 wrote: “There’s a level to this gaslighting…. how’s this about women? Do men support them too?”

dygeasy opined: “If anything women enable them more o. Check well. The biggest supporters of Bob and the other shims are women. Mr. Uti what are you trying to say gangan?”

thefoodnetworknig2 reacted: “That response no jus tally… You wanna come out, come out with your full chest na😆”

onyiaprudence said: “Blaming women for people’s cOwardly decisions. They have chosen to hide it because they are not proud of it. Stop getting it twisted.”

jully__mk wrote: “The fact that she didn’t mention your name. Honorable Uti, is this a sign??”


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