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“I Did My Best, But I’m Not Sure Expected Results Were Achieved”

Former President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has said that he did his best in the eight years that he governed the country, but is unsure if he achieved the expected results.

Speaking in an interview on Nigeria Television Authority, NTA, on Sunday, Buhari reiterated that his administration tried as much as possible to be accountable.

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He said that he was still being ‘harassed’ by people who throng his home daily, noting that if the border with a nearby country had not closed, he would have run out of Nigeria by now.

“God allowed me to serve my country, but I did my best. But whether my best was good enough, I leave for people to judge, “ he stressed.

“Nigerians are extremely difficult. People know their rights. They think they should be there, not you. So, they monitor virtually your every step. And you have to struggle day and night to ensure that you are competent enough,“ he said.

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