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Mercy Johnson and Jackie Appiah vibing to Phyno’s song stirs hilarious reactions

Mercy Johnson, a popular Nigerian actress, and her Ghanaian colleague, Jackie Appiah, have created quite a stir on social media with their recent action.

Mercy Johnson took to her official Instagram page to surprise her fans with a now-viral video of herself and Appiah dancing to a tune.

The Nigerian actress rapped to Phyno’s smash song “Do I” in the video before Jackie Appiah emerged from a rear room to join her. Mercy rapped in Igbo, while her Ghanian counterpart rapped in English for the chorus.

In the video, the mother of four and Appiah appeared to be having fun together, playing like hip-hop stars and showing off their rapping talents.

Mercy Johnson explained in the post’s caption that they were on a movie shoot. The post sparked replies in the comment area, with admirers of the actresses praising their abilities and congratulating them on a job well done. See the touching video below:

Bennyhighness: Respected women! hands down not !even a single negative comment.

uzee_usman: Total shutdown

everythingteesvogue.ng: Who join this Two together?Something is about to Happen Oh.

survivors_inspirational_haven: So our Queen J can dance.

laura._adjoa: Gorgeous women

beyondbeautifultours: Killing it steadily Mama… Don’t Play Guys!!!

trendycakeaffairs: My screen goddesssssss.

braidsinspo_bysandra: Raise your hand if you watched it more than twice.

kobirana: The two who were and are still the QUEENS Consistency and Hard Work .

phynofino: Ndi Rap

nwayimmavivian: No mama…you don’t look like you give a f**k …two queens❤️


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