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“Withdraw from drugs” – Reactions trail Hanks Anuku’s recent post amid concerns about his mental health

Hanks Anuku, a Nollywood veteran, recently uploaded a rare family portrait with his son, daughter, and wife on his Instagram page.

The renowned actor took a time to express his gratitude to his son, recognising the critical role the kid played in helping him restore his composure.

Anuku also expressed gratitude to his daughter, recognising her significant assistance during a difficult moment. He encouraged his Instagram followers to show their support for his son by following him and like his postings.

He stated:

Y’all should please give my son a follow and a like he really helped me get my self together, I thank God for him and my daughter❤️‍🔥💕”

See post below:

In the comment section, observant followers noted that the shared photo appeared to be a throwback, suggesting that the actor might be concealing an ongoing health issue.

One @dong3l_ wrote: “When u suppose get better help don pass boss man.. na you come online denounce. Anyways tag him we ready.”

Hrh King Diamond wrote: “This is to emotionally blackmail Nigerians into sending money. The wife or mother of his kids should do a video interview and we can send money for the family’s upkeep through the woman.”

Patty Gwu wrote: “This is an old photo. Hanks has gone deep in drugs and alcohol and has left rehab many times. Giving him money is not the problem, but wetin you think say e go use money do?”

spiderdike wrote: “Senior man so you get family? I just hope you get determined this time as a strong man to withdraw from drugs because time no too dey again oh its almost evening. I dey sorry say we yarn am this way but na fact I talk so. Make God help senior and him family.”

justwizzy1 wrote: “Bro please try and come IG live so we know is real you!”


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